The unique database of 125000  medical institutions in Russia and other countries of CIS
is our OWN development and includes
 ALL regions of Russia in full
 (not only Central part but also Chernozemye, Ural, Siberia, Yakutia ,the Far East....)
Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan..

 We guarantee no less than 98% authenticity of information


 Now you have an opportunity to carry out marketing analysis of whether the specialists in Russia are interested in your product, even if you don’t have a certificate on the territory of Russia.

 You can be ahead of your competitors by advertising the products which are on the stage of licensing in Russia.

 Russian companies which sell medical products can take interest in your offer and become your representatives, dealers, business partners in Russia.

 And certainly invitations to specialized exhibitions, seminars can be sent…


We carry out Direct mail with the complete work cycle:

-   development of a method for the best carrying out of Direct mail on the territory of Russia, taking into consideration the local features that may Influence the maximum efficiency of the delivery;

-   Informative support in individual selecting of the addresses from «ADDRESS-MED» database;

-   development of the models for printing;

-   polygraphy of any type;

-   preparation for the mailing out taking into account the local laws and  normative rules;

-   carrying out of the mailing through the state institution the POST of RUSSIA. The transmission of the correspondence ready to be sent is possible under the control and in presence of your representative.

All necessary coordination and negotiations can be operatively provided through e-mail.

 In such enormous country as Russia, where the state electronic informative technologies are badly developed yet, the specialized Direct mail is the only way to provide every interested person with the necessary information.


The classifier of medical institutions types of «ADDRESS-MED» database


The Pattern of the possible design of the envelope

To get the complete information and statistics on «ADDRESS-MED» medical institutions database ( info.rar 277 Kb)  



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